Adun slow down. Part 1.

milffur adun slow down

Adun slow down 1

A small farmer has bought a beautiful mare named Gina and her son a colt named Kyle, this female endures all humiliations of this guy, as long as not return to his former owner was an old green. Upon entering the farm, this kid Kyle command to rest the barn while he stayed alone with Gina, this colt to enter the barn, he was surrounded by beautiful females of different races. Cow lady, the little rabbit and fox to learn that there was another woman on the farm, were placed alert, went with Kyle the barn, with the help of he could see that his new master was fucking this mare. It was too fast with her, just the other had waited some time to get them, Gina was tied legs on a wooden pillar, he was not ready to receive the cock of her boss, but equally had to resist. He could not take it anymore and ran, if returned to his master would punish her, the term of ejaculating on her and made her lick his dick. This term dilating pussy and ass, because I had to share their sluts with his father, and that he had the farm boy.
















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