Johnny Testicles. Part 2.

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Johnny Testicles 2

The result of experiment of two sisters became a dream in porn comics multcomics. Johnny had a dream of mom and dad had a dream of daughters. In the morning everyone was horny. When Johnny entered the bathroom he noticed mother was taking shower. She had as well a dream where son was fucking her. Woman asked for shampoo, but little pervert gave her his strong dick. Strocking it Mrs. Testi got desired liquid. Father meanwhile met his daughters preparing to go to school. Their clothes are extra shrimp because of new washing machine. Dad tried to fuck them , but young ladies left home. Johnny came to laboratory. He tried to find something that can reduce his cock. But taking one medicine he became a sexy lady with great tits. Suddenly two security noticed him(her). Sissy, young girl, came up for Johnny to go with him to school. But the door was opened by his horny dad. Man was putting his dick in Sissy’s mouth until sprouted a lot of cum. Two securities were fucking Johnny who became a girl and Mrs. Testi had a pleasant time together with her daughters in garage.











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