Obsession. Part 3.

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Obsession 3

A boy was supposed to go to school in the morning in new incest porno comics. But he was too bored that didn’t. His mom came in. She was in sexy deep purple home clothes hiding her sexy shapes. The son was insisting on sex, but mother refused said it was no right. Than son gave her an offer according to that they will not have a sex, but she will give him blowjob. And he showed her his hard cock. Not thinking too much woman began to suck it with passion. And son finalized with cum at her face and tits. In the evening father came from work. Mom said she would go for a sleep. Son desired to get that opportunity and break their deal. He crawled to her bedroom while dad was watching tv and again fucked mom in her ass. He sprouted cumshots on her body and left . Dad came after him, but was too tired and didn’t notice anything…










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