mom son incest comics


This story is about galaxy flights in mom son incest comics. Zak – a young boy, was driving the cosmic ship with Finkerton- hairy speechless monster. But the pearl of company was Zak’s mother- very sexy white hair woman. They were going to Earth for holidays. Finkerton tried to fuck a woman on board. He had a massive dick, with which he was stroking between her legs, but mom didn’t allow him, regreting about taking son with them. They arrived at earth and went to beach. And now Finkerton renewed his attempted to fuck Zak’s mother. He insisted dick inside a wet pussy and began to penetrate. While he was cumming, Zak appeared and slapped monster . Mom was still sleeping and guy decided to lick her hole. That transferred to hot sex and a lot of cumshots upon tits and mouth.























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