The Spy. Part 1.

son incest comics

The Spy 1

A sexy woman in moms son incest comics of forty years old was doing morning exercises when deliverer rang the door. He brought a package for Jake, her son. Mom signed, but wanted to know what inside.
– I shall not tell you, cause it private! – shouted Jake.
– You forgot there are no private things in this house, young man! – shouted as well mother.
By the way it was a little camera, which boy put in a bathroom. He watching his mother naked was taking a shower. Jake masturbated. Later he arranged the camera in parent’s bedroom.
At night he was watching his dad was fucking his mother. A jet of cum flew away upon her body. Now was Jake’s turn. He silently entered the parent’s bedroom and looked at his naked mom. He couldn’t stop and tried to put his dick in her pussy. While fucking he realised that mom woke up. She opened her eyes when a warm sperm sprouted on her tits.
– What going on there? – asked father through dream.
– Nothing, dear! – answered his wife, – Get out of here! – the last sentence was wisphering to her Bastard son.















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