While Mommy Is Sleeping. Part 1.

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While Mommy Is Sleeping 1

See hentai incest comics! This story is fictional. It does not portray any real people or organization. Mitsuko Saeki is a strong working mother who is raising her son on her own. She works from early in the morning. Kakeru Saeki is a son who is appropriately rebellious for his age. He is a student who commutes to school. Kakeru, having planned to ejaculate on his mother’s face as a prank, ended up seeing her as a woman after he calmed down and thought about it rationally. One night, he attempts to have sex with her while she’s asleep, but she wakes up during the act, and he can no longer look at her in the eyes. However, when she tries to repay the favor while he’s asleep, the whole incident is resolved happily. Or not..?
































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